I'm only 62 years old and I'm struggling to keep fit after a heart attack has happened to me. CialMd suggests to take 10 mg Cialis pill and I admit that it works well, especially if you take into account the price in comparison with Viagra. But, in my opinion, the tablets are too powerful, and their actions are lacking with a huge margin, so you can safely decrease the dosage.

Japanese Magic Straight is a new hairstyle treatment, which uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair to create permanent straight hairstyle that will last from six to eight months.

Digital Perm

Just let hair dry for soft curls and a wavy look.

Suitable for limp & coarse hair/ chemically straighten hair.


La-Brasiliana Keratin treatment, with collagen, is a revolutionary process that has the ability to transform hair to its healthy, shiny state.

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