Japanese Magic Straight is a new hairstyle treatment, which uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair to create permanent straight hairstyle that will last from six to eight months.

The popularity of this treatment is growing daily with many featured articles in magazines such as Vogue, Lucky and In Style, just to name a few, and the trend setting of the fashion industry.

Born in Japan, launched in the US just a few years ago, Japanese Magic Straight is taking the hairstyle world by storm. It is also known as Thermal Reconstruction, Ionic Re-texturizing and Magic Perm. And it is truly a magic for those who struggled with blow dryer every morning to achieve the straight hair look.

The hours required and the price of the process will depend on the length, texture and curls of your hair. It’s best you contact our stylist for a consultation prior to your appointment so you can talk through what you should and should not expect.

This will also help our stylist to study your hair and plan out the process that will be suitable for you. You can call us at 212-967-8282 and contact us, or feel free to stop by anytime for a free consultation.